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Protein Supplements vs. Natural Protein: Which Is Best? - LIBERA Fitness Apparel

Protein Supplements vs. Natural Protein: Which Is Best?


As we all know, there are three major macronutrients: carbs, lipids, and proteins. Each of these macronutrients has its own importance in maintaining the health of living bodies. Carbs play an important role in providing energy, while lipids are major constituents of cellular membranes. At the same time, proteins are all important in maintaining and improving the strength & fitness of a human being.

Why are proteins so important for fitness? Here we will discuss protein's role and importance in the human body.

There are two major sources of protein intake. It can either be in the form of food intake (natural source) or protein supplements (artificial). Each protein intake source has its pros and cons, which are discussed below.

When it comes to choosing between natural and artificial sources, many people get confused. Some of them go along with natural sources, while others opt for protein supplements. After reading the pros and cons of both sources, you will be in the best position to choose between these two.

Why Protein Matters So Much

Exercise or even doing house chores affects the human body's muscle mass. When you work out, energy comes from the breakdown of the muscle. To re-attain the original mass of muscle, amino acids are required. Needless to say, amino acids are the basic units of protein. So amino acids play a crucial role in the recovery and improvement of muscle mass.
Muscle mass is increased in a systematic process known as muscle protein synthesis. In this process, amino acid binds with muscle tissues and then increases muscles' mass.


Two Protein Options: Natural and Supplements

When it comes to taking protein, you are left with two options. Natural or protein supplements.
Natural means intake of food with a high percentage of protein.

The second option is taking protein supplements. These supplements are artificial and the best alternative to the natural protein. You might find these supplements in the form of a powder that can be poured into your favorite pudding recipe or cakes. These supplements can also be found as a protein shake, and you can take them after a workout.


Pros and Cons of Natural Protein

The first and foremost pro of natural proteins is that these proteins are easily available. You can rush to a nearby food stall or restaurant and get plenty of protein-rich food.

But all protein-rich foods are not healthful for us. Some fast foods like a burger might be rich in protein, but you will also get an extra amount of calories and unhealthy fats.

You can make your desired diet out of natural sources. You have got greater control over the food ingredients while making the food. So you can ensure that extra substances are not part of your diet.

Cooking natural food is always time consuming. So cooking will be hard for you if you are not good at it or you’ve got a busy schedule. It can be marked as a disadvantage of taking natural protein.

Protein Supplement Pros and Cons

Availability at any time is a thing that makes protein supplements enticing. You can grab a protein shake anytime you want. These supplements are also part of dietary plans. For example, in vegitarian diet, you get the following protein options:

Soy protein
Pea protein
Rice protein
Hemp protein

Animal sources include::

Whey protein
Casein protein
Milk protein                        

Cons of protein supplements include these supplements contain a high quantity of sugar which is not good for health. Another disadvantage of supplements is that while following a diet plan, you might take an extra dose which is not a healthy move.


Protein Supplements vs. Natural Protein: Bottom Line

Even after reading the pros and cons of protein supplements and natural protein, it is still hard to decide between them.

You can check your recommended protein intake from your dietician and find out whether you are taking enough of it. If you are easily ensuring recommended protein intake, then you need not look at the other option. But if you are unable to maintain it, then you should go for protein supplements.

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